Expense Reporting Frequently Asked Questions


NOTE: Please review the PCard Frequently Asked Questions located on the GW Procurement site for more information about the notification protocol for delinquent reporting.


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Expense Report Issues

How do I log in to Expense Reporting as a new user and then once in, what do I do first?

You must first claim your NetID before logging into Expense Reporting.  If you claim your NetID before 5pm EST, you will be able to access Expense Reporting the following morning. Your username and password for this system will be your NetID and password, the same used to access your GW email and other GW systems. Due to Single-Sign-On, you must access Expense Reporting via our GW link, ibuy.gwu.edu. Please Note: If you go directly to Concur Solutions website and attempt to login 3 times, you will lock yourself out of our GW link for 24 hours after your last attempt. If this happens, wait the 24 hour time period and then log in the correct way. Again, no password needs to be reset on Expense because this password will always be the same as your GW Email password. Once logged in, click on Profile and follow these steps.

Why do I keep getting “invalid password”?

There are two possible reasons for this issue- 1: You did not claim your NetID first before logging into Expense Reporting. Please claim your NetID then try and log into Expense Reporting (if you claim your NetID before 5pm EST, you will be able to access the Expense Reporting the following morning) 2: If you have claimed your NetID and you are able to log into your GW email successfully but you continue to receive "invalid password" then you are locked out of Expense and must wait 24 hours before logging in again. Please review the above for the answer of the lock out.

How do I associate my cash advance to my expense report?

Please follow these steps after logging into Expense Reporting: (PDF)

  • When in the expense report, click on the "Details" button which is located below the name of your expense report
  • Under the Cash Advance heading, click on Available. The Cash Advances page appears. Any outstanding Cash Advances will appear on this page
  • Click the checkbox next to the Cash Advance that you wish to assign to this report.
  • Click "Assign Cash Advance to Report" at the bottom of the cash advance window. The amount of the advance(s) will be deducted from the report.
  • The Cash Advance is attached to the header, but nothing will appear in the body of the Expense Report
  • You can verify that the Cash Advance is attached to your open report by clicking on the "Details" button then select "Assigned" under Cash Advances.
  • You will see that the Cash Advance is assigned to your open report.  It will show the name of the Cash Advance, Amount, Balance and Amount Used in Report.
  • You can do the above steps before you add your out-of-pocket expenses via the New Expense button or after. Either way the software will deduct all of your New Expense amounts from the Cash Advance.
  • After adding all of your out-of-pocket expenses, go back to the "Details" button and review the Amount Used in Report. If your expenses were less than the Cash Advance, then you must return the balance to Accounts Payable by selecting New Expense again, select Expense Type 13614, which is Cash Advance return. Enter in the required fields and the amount of the Cash Advance that was not used. The Amount Used in the Report should now be zero and your report can be submitted if all other report requirements are complete.
  • Reimburse GW for the unused advance by submitting a check or money order to: George Washington Univ Expense Lockbox P.O. Box 826600 Philadelphia, PA 19182-6600. Please include the Report Key number (found under Details, then Report Header) in the memo line of the check. Working with Cash Advance online simulation.

Can I include different types of expenses (i.e. P-Card charges, expense reimbursements & charges to clear cash advances) in one Expense Report? 

Yes, they can be included in one report. Adding Card Transactions to an Expense Report and Adding an Out-of-Pocket Expense to an Expense Report.

I just used my P-Card. Should I submit an Expense Report right now?

No, let me explain the process. You (the P-Card owner) purchased an item for GW on your P-Card.

  • The vendor you purchased from transmits the information to JP Morgan. Please keep in mind that vendors do not always transmit this information to JP Morgan the day you purchase the item.
  • JP Morgan receives transaction information from the vendor and then transmits this information to GW in a nightly batch feed on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights only.
  • GW disburses the card charges to the GW P-Card owner assigned to the P-Card number into the Expense Reporting System.
  • When the P-Card owner logs into Expense Reporting the user can view any P-Card charges that were transmitted.

To view these charges, log into Expense Reporting, click on your My Concur Tab or Expense Tab for Available Card Charges. If you do not see the expected charges then your transaction(s) was not received from JP Morgan that day.  Once the transaction is transmitted to us, you will be able to view the transaction under Available Card Charges. At this point, you can import the transaction into your new or already created Expense Report. Expense Reporting online simulation.

I have created two reports. One report is for the current month office expenses and another is for my business trip. How can I move over a transaction that I imported into the wrong report?

You can delete that particular expense line (check the box next to the expense & click the delete button) and the imported P-Card transaction will move back to your unassigned P-Card transaction queue. The “delete” function only deletes the expense line from the report but never the P-Card transaction.

Can I provide a designated employee with temporary authority to approve reports on my behalf?

Yes, in the Expense Delegates section, located in the Profile tab, you can select 'Can Approve Temporary' and enter the appropriate date range during which you would like to assign a delegate to perform work on your behalf. Acting as a Delegate online simulation.

How do I know if I am working on an Expense Report for me or as a delegate?

In the top of the Concur Expense Reporting page, it will say 'Welcome [your name].' Next to this, it will say 'You are Administering for: __' and will either say 'Yourself' or the name of the individual for whom you are administering. To change who you are administering for, you will need to go to the drop down list to make your selection. Acting as a Delegate online simulation.

Why won't my receipt attach and/or why do I keep receiving an error message?

Please verify the following concerning your receipt: you can upload images that are up to 5 MB in size and they can be PNG, JPG, TIFF, HTML or PDF files.  The PDF file must be a PDF file only and not a PDF Portfolio. To recognize one from the other review this Alert, which contains instructions on how to Extract the file (receipt) from a portfolio file.  FYI; A PDF portfolio file is a way to easily combine multiple files into one file, including Word or Excel files, web pages, videos, and more.  Vendors occasionally send receipts via PDF Portfolio.  Also, GW users could be inadvertently scanning to a portfolio or selecting "Save As" then "PDF Portfolio", which will cause an error in Expense.  You must view the receipt after attaching to verify readability.

What is the Receipt Store?

Concur’s Receipt Store is a feature that provides a repository of receipt images to which you can email or upload images, and then use the images to attach receipts at the line item level. Images are uploaded in one of three ways: (1) using a Concur-verified email address provided by you during setup; (2) using the Concur mobile app (available for Blackberry, Android, iPhone and iPad devices (3) uploading receipts that are saved on your computer (go to Receipt Store and click 'Upload' then browse to select the receipt image). Uploaded images are then available to you (and your delegate, if applicable) for the purpose of attaching to expense report entries. All images must be in the supported formats of JPEG, PDF, PNG or TIF. Working with the Receipt Store online simulation.

Do I have to use the Receipt Store?

No. You can upload a receipt to a particular expense line item by clicking 'Attach Receipt' in that line item, choosing 'Browse' and finding the image or PDF on your computer.

What if I cannot locate a receipt for one of the charges?

Lost receipts should be infrequent and unusual, as receipts can be reprinted or easily requested (e.g., hotels, catering, restaurants if the date is provided) and should generally be for small dollar amounts. When a receipt cannot be provided, either the Missing Receipt Affidavit (discussed below) in Concur or the Missing Receipt Acknowledgement and Approval Form signed by both the employee and his/her supervisor should be attached to the transaction. Before either method is used, attempts to obtain the receipt must be made. Procurement reserves the right to return any expense report with missing receipt forms when in our experience the type of merchant will provide a receipt copy.

How do I use the Missing Receipt Affidavit within Concur?

Step by step process (PDF)

Please note the Missing Receipt Affidavit can only be used for items greater than $35.  If your department requires receipts under that limit, you will need to use the manual Missing Receipt Acknowledgement Form.

How do I itemize a meal to break out the expense for alcohol?

Select a food expense type (53102) and enter the required information, including the total charge of the meal. Click Itemize and select the expense type Entertainment (52611) and enter the charges for the alcohol. Select the food expense type again (53102) and enter the food portion of the meal. The total of the Meal and alcohol should equal the total charge of the meal. Itemizing Expenses online simulation.

When should an expense be itemized?

An expense should be itemized on the following occasions: 1) to itemize Nightly Lodging expenses; 2) to separate legitimate university expenses from personal expenses; and, 3) to assign a single transaction to multiple Expense Types and the same Oracle Alias. Itemizing Expenses online simulation.

My expense report is reviewed by another person in the department before it can be approved. How can I route the expense report to meet this requirement?

The active expense report that you are working on can be routed to several approvers. You can build your own routing by going to the "Details" menu on the expense report and click on "Approval Flow" and add the necessary approvers for this particular report. Adding an Additional Review Step.

How can I make changes to my Report Header?

If you have an unsubmitted report and you would like to change the Report Header, you will need to have the specific expense report open, then go to Details: Report Header. From there you can make appropriate changes. Click Save.

Can I permanently change my default Oracle Alias?

No. This needs to be corrected in Banner (via Human Resources) in order to have it changed in the Expense Reporting system. However, you can select a different Oracle Alias to which you want to default your expenses.

The expense type I want to select isn't on the list. Can I add one?

No. If your department determines that an expense type needs to be added to the system, please call the iBuy Help Desk at 571-553-4477 and report the problem.

I can't see what Oracle Alias an expense is allocated to. How can I view this information?

There are two ways to view this information (as an approver or user, prior to submitting). Once you have opened a report, go to Details: Report Header. The Oracle Alias listed here is the default Oracle Alias for the expenses in that report. Within the report, any expense with an icon resembling a colored pie chart indicates that the expense has been allocated to a different Oracle Alias(es) than the one in the Report Header. You can hover over the icon to see the allocation.

Can I allocate multiple expenses at the same time?

Yes, you can select all or select appropriate expenses by using the check boxes next to each expense and go through the steps for Allocating Expenses. This will apply appropriate percentages to all designated expenses.

How do I enter lodging expenses shared with another traveler?

The names of all who shared lodging should be included in the business purpose, along with the reason for the travel (i.e.., "attended XYZ conference, room for person a and person b").

What is a Smart Expense?

Concur attempts to match unassigned credit card transactions, itinerary items and e-receipts (opt-in required by user) to create a Smart Expense. If it is determined that two item represent the same transaction, Concur matches (combines) the two items and presents one combined item in the Smart Expense section of the system. Working with e-Receipts online simulation.

How do I un-match a Smart Expense?

To "un-match" two transactions that were matched in error, select the combined item and click "Unmatch". The system will split the combined item into the original two items. If you have one or more items unmatched, click "Refresh". The system will discard any unsaved match or unmatched expenses and checks for more matches. Working with e-Receipts online simulation.

How do I manually match a Smart Expense?

Occasionally, Concur may not combine two items that represents the same transaction. To match them manually, select both and click "Match".

How do I report a pre-paid expense for a future flight or hotel stay?

see attached PDF

Can conferences, workshops and other events be submitted for out of pocket reimbursement prior to the event date?

No, conference/training fees which have not been charged to a P-Card are not eligible for reimbursement until the employee begins attending the conference or event.  This ensures that the registration fee is actually used and eliminates the need for the employee to reimburse the university should attendance be cancelled.  We recommend use of the P-card for these advance purchases to take advantage of early registration discounts and eliminate any financial burden on the employee by carrying the registration fees until they are eligible for reimbursement. You have until 60 days from the end travel date to submit all out of pocket costs.  At 61 days they are no longer eligible for reimbursement.

What if it is for a Virtual Conference or Workshop?

The rule applies to this in the same way.  Reimbursement for out of pocket costs can only occur starting on the first day of the virtual meeting.

Can per diem be used on travel?

The university does not use “per diem” (i.e. a flat daily rate to cover business expenses) except in unusual cases involving extended stays, travel to certain countries lacking stable currencies or where credit card usage is not favored, or other special circumstances for which approval by the appropriate vice president or dean is obtained in writing prior to travel.  Please use the Per Diem Calculator for calculating and documenting per diems when approved under the exception in our travel policy. 

If the traveler identifies that the per diem rate is greater than their needs (e.g., because some meals are including with lodging or provided at conferences, etc.) the Per Diem Calculator can and should be used to reduce the daily per diem rate for meals and incidentals based on the items provided by alternate means.  The worksheet also automatically pro-rates the per diem for first and last day of travel to 75%.

The completed worksheet, along with the Dean/VP pre-approval, should be attached to the expense report in Concur.

For questions on Expense Reporting, please contact the iBuy help desk at 571-553-4477.