Leisure Travel


All discounts negotiated by the university for business travel, except car rental, can be used by employees for leisure travel.  Air and hotel discounts can be obtained through iBuy+ Travel which can be utilized for booking leisure travel provided the user has stored a personal credit card in their profile for payment.

If an employee wishes to book a rental car on the University’s contract, they must go to either Enterprise or National and enter the contract  ID XZ16811, which will allow them to take advantage of GW’s corporate rates but will not provide insurance coverage as is provided for business rentals.  Leisure car rentals cannot be booked through iBuy.

When booking Club Quarters’ highly reduced weekend rates at all Club Quarters locations, call the Club Quarters Member Services at 203-905-2100.  These highly reduced rates are not made available through the online booking process.

Alumni Travel

GW's Office of Alumni Relations is pleased to announce an Alumni Travel Program. Travel to exciting destinations around the globe with fellow alumni, GW faculty, friends, and family. Featured destinations include the Amazon River, Antarctica, East Africa, India, and more! The program promise something for everyone – so pack your bags and come along!