Leisure Travel

Air and Hotel Discounts Available through iBuy+ Concur

GW offers to employees and students air and hotel discounts (as negotiated for University business travel) through the iBuy+ Travel system. You must log in to your iBuy+ Travel profile and store a personal credit card before booking leisure/personal travel.

Club Quarters reservations can be made through iBuy+ Travel.  However, reservations for highly reduced weekend rates, available at all Club Quarters locations, can only be made by calling Club Quarters Member Services 203-905-2100.  Identify yourself as calling from “George Washington University.”

Car Rental Discounts

Enterprise Holdings offers GW employees and students car rental rates for leisure/personal travel.  Enterprise and National cannot be booked through iBuy+ Travel for leisure/personal travel. Reservations can be made through Enterprise or National’s websites. 

  • Enter contract ID XZ16811. 
  • Insurance coverage is not included in leisure/personal rental rates.
  • Drivers must provide their own insurance or purchase insurance at the pick-up counter.

Note – GW business travel only car rental rates are less expensive and must be booked through iBuy+ Travel or by calling Travel Leaders (855-771-9109).  GW’s business travel rates with Enterprise, National and Hertz include collision and liability insurance at no extra cost.