Travel Policies


In case you missed it, the most significant changes in the policy were:
  • Removal of guidance for specific expense types so that the document focuses on “policy level” guidance
  • Creation of a separate Travel, Entertainment and Business Expense Reimbursement Manual to provide greater definition, examples, and guidance on specific expenses
  • Limitation of business class travel to flights greater than 5 hours outside of the continental United States. Such purchases are still subject to applicable approvals and/or sponsor restrictions.
  • Extension of the policy to students who incur GW business expenses
The goal of the newly created Travel, Entertainment, and Business Expense Reimbursement Manual (PDF) is to provide greater clarity so that it will be easier for travelers to understand and comply with GW’s travel policy.  It is an organic document which will be updated as new questions or issues arise or business practices evolve. Its content contains references to, and carries the same weight as, the policy.
While there are only a few policy changes, the Manual contains more guidance than was previously available in a single location. Listed below is a sampling of topics that have been updated or added.
  • Incorporates recent guidance from Risk Management regarding Peer-to-Peer lodging
  • Describes “Missing Receipt Affidavit” functionality recently activated within Concur
  • New Cash Advance limits
  • Expense approver responsibility to ensure funds due to the university are repaid
  • New appendix with examples of appropriate language for Business Purpose

Please review the policy and the manual for a complete understanding of GW travel and expense directives.