The George Washington University's iBuy+ system provides an efficient and user-friendly one-stop shop for ordering GW's most commonly purchased products, travel booking, P-Card allocation and employee reimbursement.

All Travel Services inquiries, call Marguerite Gustkey @ 571-553-4269 or email

All Expense and G&S inquiries, call the iBuy Help Desk @ 571-553-4477 or email (preferred)


Updates & Announcements


Travel Services is pleased to announce two new programs to the university’s travel program.


Enterprise Car Share is the new car sharing program that replaces Zipcar on the GW campuses and at all WMATA Kiss & Ride Metro locations, is open for business to GW’s faculty, staff and students 18 years of age and older. Our introductory offer includes No Fee to join until August 31, free membership for the first year and $5 Hourly rates through Sept. 30. Enroll now! is Travel Services’ newest addition to the GW Hotel Program. This program, designed specifically for universities, provided the largest inventory of discounted hotel rates of any reservation service world-wide. There are no cancelation or change fees. can be booked using either your p-card for business or a personal card if you prefer. Sign up and make a reservation, George Washington


Expense Reporting new functionality:


Expense Reporting new functionality

  • Addition of Invoice Fields - Due to a Procurement Card (PCard) Policy change that permits a PCard holder to pay vendor/supplier invoices in a billed amount of $3,000.00 or less by the PCard, the following changes have been implemented.  Invoice related fields are being added to capture invoice level details. The fields are: invoice number and invoice date. In addition to these fields, a question “ Is this a Vendor Invoice?” will be present. When invoices are paid by a PCard, the question “Is this a Vendor Invoice?” must have a response of “yes”. The invoice number and invoice date information must be recorded in designated fields within Concur.   AP encourages only one invoice per PCard charge. When multiple invoices are paid by a single PCard transaction, an itemization process must be used to capture the invoice details, including invoice number, invoice date and invoice amount, of each invoice paid.  Instructions for the itemization process are available under the Travel and Expense Training tab.  The key difference between an invoice and receipt is when payment occurs. An invoice is provided by the seller when payment is not remitted at the time of purchase. A receipt is provided when payment is received by the merchant at the time of purchase.  Any expense report submitted with an invoice that does not populate the invoice specific fields will be returned to the employee.
  • Partial Report Approval - Concur offers a feature which allows approvers to select specific lines of an expense report for approval. This feature will be activated. Should lines on your expense report not be approved, you will be advised through an email notification containing the approver’s comments. The lines not approved will be returned to you within an addendum expense report in an unsubmitted status. This report’s name  will reference the name of the original expense report. You should take timely action to correct the issues noted and submit the addendum expense report for approval.