If accessing Amazon Business for the first time, please contact the iBuy+ Helpdesk for a login invite to the GW Amazon Business account at 571-553-4477 or email  ibuy@gwu.edu

Amazon Business

The George Washington University's iBuy+ system provides an efficient and user-friendly one-stop shop for ordering GW's most commonly purchased products, travel booking, P-Card allocation and employee reimbursement.


To place orders in the iBuy+ Goods and Services area, you must:

  • Utilize your current netid login: "your login"@gwu.edu, but you must create a unique password for each Supplier you wish to do business with.
  • To place an order, you must have a P-Card to make payment at time of purchase.  

Please note:

  • Goods and Services appear in groups listed by tabs for various commodities
  • GW now has Amazon for Business Account access
  • Punchouts to GW pricing is made via a "click" on the Supplier's logo 
  • Payment at time of purchase is made via a GW P-Card
  • Purchases are tax exempt
  • Single purchases are limited to $3,000 on a P-Card
  • New suppliers are added frequently

For iBuy Support Questions:

  • iBuy+ Goods and Services: call the iBuy Help Desk @ 571-553-4477 or email ibuy@gwu.edu
  • iBuy+ Travel Services: call Vince Johns@ 571-553-4269 or Travel Leaders at 855-771-9109 or email travel@gwu.edu
  • iBuy+ Expense Reporting: call the iBuy Help Desk @ 571-553-4477 or email ibuy@gwu.edu