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TSA Security Check-In Screening for Summer Months

  • The TSA anticipates longer-than-usual waits at airport checkpoints across the country.  Please plan extra time to clear security checks and be prepared ahead of time.  For all airports, the TSA are requesting passengers to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to departure.  And for the summer season, the TSA is asking passengers to arrive 3 hours prior at Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago airports, due to unusually long lines.

Three Major Airlines Change Airfare Structure

  • American, Delta and United, have made changes to their fare structures.  On certain multi-city itineraries, travel may need to be booked and ticketed individually as one ways rather than as one reservation and one ticket.

Be aware, if each flight is ticketed separately, each ticket will carry its own rules and penalties for change or cancellation, which could also be costly if changes or cancellation should be required.  If you are booking a multi-city itinerary, you may want to contact Travel Leaders at 855-771-9109 to be advised on the best way to purchase the ticket(s).