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Welcome to Procure-to-Pay Goods and Services. Here you will find direct links and instructions to order from iBuy+ Vendors. We encourage you to support these business partners and hope you will often check the supplier sites contained here.

GW Vendor Marketplace

iBuy+ and Procure-to-Pay offers the opportunity of savings to GW and MFA faculty and staff via contracts with various suppliers. See iBuy+ Vendors list. For select vendors, iBuy+ Help Desk setup is required (see Vendor Ordering Process for details). These vendors may provide a price advantage when purchasing GW products and services. Peruse this list carefully and contact [email protected] for additional vendor options. 



Amazon Business Account 

Amazon Business





In an effort to improve the purchasing process through, Procure-to-Pay & Travel Services has established a centralized Amazon Business account for GW’s Purchasing Card (P-Card) cardholders. Upon registration, P-Card holders can now make purchases from the University’s Amazon Business account for purchases of miscellaneous items not available with GW’s preferred contract suppliers.

Through this central Amazon Business account, you will have immediate access to:

  • Free shipping on all Amazon Prime-eligible items at no extra cost (no individual prime account needed);
  • Automatic sales tax exemption on exemption-eligible items sold by LLC and accepting resellers;
  • Business pricing and quantity discounts.