iBuy+ Vendors

iBuy+ and Procure-to-Pay offers the opportunity of savings to GW and MFA faculty and staff via contracts with various suppliers. These vendors may provide a price advantage when purchasing GW products and services. Peruse this list carefully and contact [email protected] for additional vendor options.

Select a category for a listing of the iBuy+ vendors or see the Vendor A-Z List. Together, we will also research additional options that will best serve your department and GW. For select vendors, the iBuy+ Help Desk setup is required -- see the Vendor Ordering Process for details. 







When ordering needed supplies and equipment, a procurement card is required to complete the transaction. Please keep the following items in mind at all times:

  • Never email a complete credit card number to any supplier.
  • Never email a photo of the credit card or the cardholder’s driver’s license.
  • Complete credit numbers should always be provided to the supplier by telephone if presented outside of the ordering system.

These guidelines are critical for the security of our procurement cards. Should any vendor refuse to comply with these procedures, please contact Procurement at 571-553-4298 for assistance.