Expense Reporting Forms & Resources

Please note that for both iBuy Travel and iBuy Expense Reporting, new GW (and MFA starting July 1, 2021) users are required to complete their Concur profile. SAP Concur is the software system used by the university for booking travel and reporting expenses.

Expense Forms

Missing Receipt Instructions

  • A lost receipt should be infrequent and unusual, as a copy of a receipt can be requested from the merchant (i.e., hotels, catering, restaurants if the date is provided) and should generally be for small dollar amounts.
  • If a copy of the receipt cannot be obtained from the merchant, it’s preferable to use the Missing Receipt Declaration form accessed in the Receipts drop-down menu within your report.
  • An instructional visual is below.
Missing Receipt Concur Screenshot


  • Exception: A delegate may not use the above declaration form. They must upload the GW Missing Receipt and Acknowledgement Form (PDF). This form does not require a manager’s signature, since the approval of the report is considered to include approval of the missing receipt. The form accepts e-signatures once it is converted to PDF. Users who do not have an e-signature must complete the form, print it out, and sign it. It must then be scanned as a PDF document before attaching it using the Attach Receipt button in the report.
  • Note that the form is not intended to replace a missing/lost receipt on a consistent basis. Lost/missing receipts should be infrequent and unusual, as most receipts can be reprinted or easily requested (i.e., hotels, catering, restaurants if the date is provided) from the merchant, and should generally be for small dollar amounts. 

Processing Students in Concur iBuy+

Students have now been loaded into Concur and can be activated for expense reporting. See complete details.

Expense Reporting System Affiliate Access

GW Affiliates Account Central and iBuy+ Request can be used to obtain access to the iBuy+ eExpense System for a non-employee referred to as an affiliate user. An affiliate user can serve as a delegate for submitting expense reports on behalf of an employee or to serve as an approver of an expense report. In general, an affiliate user should not submit expenses for himself/herself. 

Expense Resources

Training Resources