iBuy+ Vendor Ordering Process

Select a Vendor

  • Select the category from the iBuy+ Vendors page that fits your ordering need.
  • Click on the icon and follow instructions associated with that vendor. 
  • To receive GW negotiated prices, you must contact the vendor through the icon link provided in this iBuy+ Vendor site.
  • For select vendors, iBuy+ Help Desk setup is required. See next section for details.

Vendors that Require iBuy+ Help Desk Setup

  • Vendors that require iBuy+ Help Desk setup will contain a webform link on their instruction page; they are also identified in the Vendor A-Z List with a green button.
  • We have streamlined this process with the iBuy+ Vendor Account Access Request webform which lists these select vendors.
    • When completing this form, you can request access to multiple vendor accounts; but please only request those vendors from which you anticipate purchasing.
    • You will then receive login instructions from the iBuy+ Help Desk and the vendor.
    • You must access the vendor account through https://ibuy.gwu.edu/ with the new login information to complete the registration prior to placing orders.
  • Have questions? Contact the iBuy Help Desk by emailing [email protected] or calling 571-553-4477 for assistance.

How Payment Works

  • Payment at time of purchase is made via a GW P-Card.
  • Single purchases are limited to $3,500.
  • Purchases are tax exempt.

Things to Keep in Mind at All Times

  • Please keep in mind many of our vendors are associated with cooperatives/consortia contracts which provide pre-negotiated pricing and, therefore, can be justified as a sole source. Please contact [email protected] if you are unsure of the status of a vendor.
  • Never email a complete credit card number to any supplier.
  • Never email a photo of the credit card or the cardholder’s driver’s license.
  • Complete credit numbers should always be provided to the supplier by telephone if presented outside of the ordering system.
  • These guidelines are critical for the security of our procurement cards.
  • Should any vendor refuse to comply with these procedures, please contact Procure-to-Pay at [email protected] or 571-553-4298 for assistance.


  • Where indicated, some Medical Supplies & Pharmaceuticals require that you contact [email protected] for registration and ordering access.
  • Catering Services should be purchased directly with a P-Card whenever possible. If a formal proposal is needed due to the size of the event, please contact [email protected] for assistance. Once the final proposal is signed and accepted, a P-Card can be used to pay for the event. No PO is required. 


Contact the iBuy Help Desk by emailing [email protected] or calling 571-553-4477 for assistance.