24/7 Online Simulation Training

A series of online simulation training offerings provide you step-by-step instructions on how to use the iBuy+ Travel and Expense Reporting Systems. Each simulation is approximately 2 minutes.

Getting Started

Using iBuy Travel

Using iBuy Expense

Using Special Features


Using Cash Advances

Smart Phone Setup and Training

Please note that Concur’s mobile app guides provide brief "how to" steps. It assumes that the user already knows how to use the web version of Concur and already understands the concepts of Expense (expenses, itemizations, attendees, etc.), Travel (booking, rules, etc.), Invoice (payment requests, purchase requests, etc.), the approval process, and so on. It also assumes that the user is generally familiar with his/her mobile device.

For information on the best way to purchase mobile devices for university business, please refer to the GW Cell Phone Program.