Catering Services

GW’s Procurement Department has negotiated discounts with catering companies at both Foggy Bottom and Virginia campuses. Purchases are easily facilitated by selecting a listed vendor to order through GW’s direct link to the Caterer and payment is made by a GW P-Card at time of purchase. To receive discounts, please connect to the point of contact listed below. For additional information, please contact [email protected].

Creative Catering DC Maria Iturralde 202-803-7943 Creative Catering X X
Founding Farmers Co. Emily Kupersanin 301-312-4114 [email protected] Founding Farmers X X
Fresh Connections Catering Mina Jones 703-707-8304 [email protected] Fresh Connections Catering   X
Greenleaf Catering Michelle Pulliam 703-289-1281 [email protected] Greenleaf Catering X X
Key Ingredients Catering Javier Zerpa 240-474-5158 [email protected]
[email protected]
  X X
La Prima Catering Rasheda Clark 301-220-3713 [email protected] La Prima Catering X X
Panera Bread Lance Cohen 703-966-4942 [email protected] Panera Bread X X
Relish Catering, LLC Alison Bates 202-294-5327 [email protected] Relish Catering, LLC X X
Ridgewells Catering Maggie Mayhew 301-907-3736 [email protected] Ridgewells X  
Root & Stem Catering Michelle Pulliam 703-289-1281 [email protected] Root and Stem Catering X X
Well Dunn Yulia Shegai 202-543-7878 [email protected] Well Dunn X X
Windows Catering Garrett Thatcher 703-752-9403 [email protected] Windows Catering X X