Temporary Staffing

Your first stop when seeking temporary staffing in your office should always be Colonial Temps in HR. If they are unable to assist you with the talent you need, please reach out to Procurement for assistance with the following Temporary Staffing Contracts. A release number is required prior to the temporary staff starting date and one release is required for each person placed. 

BPOs are not to be used for any staffing needs paid for by sponsored funds (Federal or non-federal). For this, a standard requisition should be submitted. For the GW master price sheet, direct point of contact information for these vendors, or for assistance, please contact [email protected].


Supplier Purchase Order Number for GW Purchase Order Number for MFA
ABACUS CORPORATION 1000240880 1000240915
ASTON CARTER 1000240951 1000240953
CORESTAFF SERVICES 1000240882 1000240918
INFOJINI, INC 1000240771 1000240896
KFORCE INC 1000240884 1000240919
MEDIX STAFFING SOLUTIONS, INC 1000240886 1000240922
QUADRANT INC 1000240888 1000240927
RANDSTAD TECHNOLOGIES 1000240890 1000240932
TEMPORARY SOLUTIONS INC 1000240894 1000240926
THE MIDTOWN GROUP 1000240955 1000240957