Direct Deposit Setup through GWeb Information System

Log in to the GWEB Information System, using your email address.

First step to log on to GWeb Information System


Modify Direct Deposit link in GWeb Information System


Employee information tab in GWeb Information System


Fields to complete on direct deposit information screen



  • If adding multiple accounts, make sure one of them is designated as “Remaining Amount” (*).

  • Direct Deposits are created up to a week i advance of payday.

  • Do not use a routing number from a savings deposit slip. Please verify with your bank for the proper routing number for ACH purposes.
  • Some checks have a special routing number in small print noted for ACH purposes. Please use this number for the Bank Routing Number.
  • Enter every number of your account, even if they are zeros. Enter the numbers together (no dashes, no spaces).
  • Routing numbers are always 9 digits long (no letters).
  • If you are setting up a money market account, please verify with your bank if they consider this account to be savings or checking. Indicating the wrong type of account will result in your funds being rejected.
  • Where to get your banking information:
    • Call your bank
    • Personal check or mobile app
Copy of check with banking information

Personal Check


Routing information in mobile app

Mobile App