Handling Fraudulent P-Card Charges


Contact the bank immediately upon detection of a fraudulent charge. JP Morgan-Chase contact information is on the back of your P-Card. Their number is 1-800-316-6056. When asked to verify your identity, provide your GWid number but with the number “6” substituted for the letter “G.” You must then notify the P-Card Department at [email protected] or 571-553-4267.

Information about contacting the bank is available on the P-card website.


After contacting JP Morgan-Chase about the fraudulent charges on your P -Card, you will receive an email with details on each charge. Save this email as a pdf file, since you may need to use it in your expense report as your receipt for the credit/s received.

Wait for the credits to appear in your iBuy Available Expenses field. The original fraudulent charges should also be there.

You should create a unique, separate report that includes both the fraudulent charges and corresponding credits from the bank. Consult with your expense report approver if you have questions about which expense types and allocations to use for the fraudulent charges. Be sure to check that the debit-credit expense lines reach a $0.00 balance before submitting the report.

For assistance, contact the iBuy Help Desk at [email protected] or 571-553-4477.