Basic Steps for Configuring a Concur Profile

Back in 2011 when GW selected Concur Technologies as its integrated Travel and Expense management system, the focus was on ease of use for YOU, the traveler.
With all the applications and tools that Concur has available, travel reservations and expense reporting have never been easier. We just need to get you set up so that everything will talk to each other. 
In order to have "the perfect business trip" the system needs to recognize you.
Be sure to follow these essential basic steps to set up your Concur profile for fast travel and even faster expense reimbursements.

1. Complete your personal profile in Concur at iBuy+ Travel

Why? First of all, updated information stored in your profile will make iBuy+ Travel reservations simple.
And, even if you never book travel via the iBuy+ Travel website, keeping your profile information current will assist you and/or your delegate in the creation of expense reports.

Profile Options

TIP #1: Check the email addresses listed in your profile. Be sure that you have both your and your emails listed in your profile. You may also want to add your personal email if you book your travel from a personal email and your booking confirmations go to your personal email account. If you are forwarding a receipt from an email account that is not in your profile, the receipt will not appear in Concur.

TIP #2: If you forward an email receipt to [email protected] from an email listed in your profile, Concur will load the receipt into your "Available Receipts" so a reimbursement can be created for an out-of-pocket expense, or matched to a P-Card transaction.

TIP #3: Add your work address and mobile telephone number. In the near future, Concur Locate will be available to you. Locate is a program that will provide security alerts, threat assessments, and communicate with you if a crisis event occurs while you are traveling. Including your work address and mobile phone number are essential for Locate to function properly and to be of the greatest benefit to you.

2. Link your Concur profile with a smartphone or tablet via the Concur App

In order to establish the link, sign in to iBuy+ Travel > Profile > Profile Settings > Mobile Registration. Provide the information requested and establish a 4 digit mobile PIN.
Once you have selected your PIN, download and select the Concur app on your smart phone and/or tablet. When prompted, login to Concur with your GW email address ending in The system will ask you for your PIN. Once you complete the login process all receipt pictures on your phone and travel information will sync between Concur and that device.
Mobile profile picture


3. Link your Loyalty Accounts to supplier Apps in the Concur App Center

Establishing E-Receipts will make expense reporting a whole lot easier and connecting your mobile device to Concur provides convenience, but linking your supplier loyalty programs through Concur can save you money.
As an example, GW has a discount pricing program with United Airlines. If you add your United MileagePlus number to your iBuy+ profile and enable Concur's "My Travel Network" App, you'll receive GW's United discount even if you book through Note that GW's United discount is always available when booking through iBuy+ Travel or with Travel Leaders, but on the occasion that you book through, GW pricing will appear.
In addition to United, links can be established with suppliers such as Hilton, Marriott, and Omni Hotels, among others.
Adding loyalty program numbers is easy: Sign in to iBuy+ Travel > Profile > Frequent-Traveler Programs
Frequent traveler profile
After adding your loyalty program numbers to your iBuy+ Travel profile, connect to My Travel Network, the Concur service which enables you to connect all of your reward programs and organize your travel and expenses in one place.
My Travel Network       With My Travel Network you can:
  • Receive your GW’s negotiated rates.
  • Get e-receipts from participating programs, which will be waiting for you in Concur Expense.
  • Access your travel plans anytime on any device, using Concur or TripIt.
Activating My Travel Network is easy: Sign in to iBuy+ Travel > Profile > Profile Settings > Frequent-Traveler Programs > I agree > OK.Travel Network Agree


4. Connect to TripIt and TripIt Pro

While you're in the App Center, connect to TripIt, the world’s highest-rated travel organizing app. Once you're connected, simply forward your flight, hotel, or other travel confirmation emails to [email protected] and TripIt will instantly create a master itinerary for each of your trips that you can access anytime, anywhere. Plus, anything you book in iBuy+ Travel will automatically be added to your TripIt account.
Connecting to TripIt is easy: Sign in to iBuy+ Travel > App Center > TripIt App > Connect
TripIt picture
TripIt Pro is a premium service, provided free of charge, that includes all the benefits of the standard consumer version of TripIt plus a suite of additional features geared to the frequent traveler including advanced flight monitoring, seat tracking, and more.
While connecting to TripIt, you'll be prompted to enter an email and password and to activate a free TripIt Pro subscription - or sign in if you already have one. If you’re creating a TripIt Pro account, you’ll get an email from TripIt Pro asking you to activate your new account.


Importantly, the U.S. Transportation Safety Administration requires that the name on a traveler's government issued photo ID must match the name on the airline ticket.  Please ensure that your name (first, middle, last) in your iBuy+ Travel profile matches the state/government-issued photo ID that you will be presenting at the airport.  Failure to do so can hinder your ability to travel. To update your name, please contact the Systems, Analytic & Insight Group [email protected]