Airport Shuttle & Car Rental Discount Programs

Super Shuttle

Operating at most major airports, Super Shuttle extends a 10% discount to GW travelers. Super Shuttle can be booked and paid for in advance by using the traveler’s purchasing card or personal credit card at the following airport locations.


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National Rental Car logo Logo Hertz Rental Cars

The university’s preferred car rental vendors are Enterprise Rent-a-Car, National Car Rental and Hertz. When booking rental cars for university business, any of these suppliers should be chosen because of the discounted pricing and the insurance coverage that is included in GW’s agreements. GW’s car rental rates are available when making reservations through iBuy+ Travel.  iBuy will insert the contract identifier into the reservation, ensuring that the appropriate rates are offered and the insurance coverage is included in the reservation.

When picking-up the vehicle, renters should check the boxes on the rental agreement to decline Collision, Liability and Personal Injury coverages. Collision and Liability coverages are included in the rental rate and GW employees have access to medical and life insurance from the university. Provisions within the university’s car rental contracts are extended to faculty, staff, and students 20 years of age and older who are conducting authorized university business. Drivers must be 21 years of age to rent vehicles with ten or more available seats. The use of 15 passenger vans is not permitted.

Note – GW employees may use iBuy+ Travel to obtain GW’s contract pricing for leisure/personal rentals, but insurance coverage is not provided for leisure/personal rentals.  Insurance is only provided on GW business related rentals.  GW employees renting vehicles for leisure/personal travel should contact their personal vehicle insurance provider to determine if their existing insurance coverage includes rental vehicles.

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GW employees can also enjoy all of the special services of National's Emerald Club and Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, which are premier counter-bypass programs that gives GW travelers special recognition, service and speed.  

Benefits of the Emerald Club®

  • Bypass the counter - Bypass the rental counter and go directly to the Emerald Club Aisle® at more than 50 major airports in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Choose your own car - Don't waste time looking for your assigned car - just choose any car from the Emerald Club Aisle and be on your way.
  • Speed up returns with an E-Receipt - There's no need to wait around for a piece of paper when you return your car. Sign up to receive this benefit and we will automatically email your receipts to you within 24 hours of each returned rental. 

If you are not enrolled in Emerald Club, visit Emerald Club Registration for complimentary enrollment and start receiving your premium car rental service.

Benefits of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

  • Earn points towards free rental days.
  • Skip the counter and go straight to your car.
  • Sign up for confirmation notifications and receive emails and text alerts to know which car you will be driving and where it is located.
  • Drop off your car at the return location and have a receipt emailed to your Concur Expense report via Concur TripLink.
  • Receive additional benefits like bonus points and upgrades when you achieve elite status.

If you are not enrolled in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, visit Hertz Gold Plus Rewards registration for complimentary enrollment and start receiving your premium car rental service.

Rental Vehicles for Student Groups with Enterprise, National or Hertz

The Motor Vehicle Safety Policy addresses rental vehicles for student groups. Anyone renting a vehicle for GW business is required to successfully complete the Driver’s Authorization Application which includes an online test. Student drivers who are 20 years of age are approved to drive up to a maximum of 200 miles each way from the rental car pickup location. Student drivers who are 20 years of age and older are approved to drive up to a maximum of 3 hours at a time for no more than 6 hours per day.

GW Risk Management Insurance coverage of rental cars works in the following manner:

  • For student drivers who are 20 years of age and older and renting on university business, the current agreement with Enterprise Rent-a-Car, National Car Rental and Hertz, automatically provides Collision Damage Waiver Coverage (CDW) as well as Liability Coverage. This also includes GW faculty and staff when renting vehicles for university-related activities with Enterprise, National or Hertz. There is no deductible for domestic rentals.

  • Drivers must be 21 years of age to rent vehicles with ten or more available seats.

  • For international rentals, the current agreement will provide collision coverage with each country having its own deductible amount. In addition, the agreement will automatically include the minimum liability coverage required by each country. Additional liability coverage as well as extra coverage to reduce the collision deductible should be purchased if available.

Please note that 15 passenger vans are not allowed. The GW Office of Health and Emergency Management Services can provide additional information on motor vehicle operators.