New Amazon Business Integration


  • The integration will automatically create Amazon Business expenses in your SAP Concur account.
  • The integration will automatically attach a receipt from Amazon Business, saving you time, and ensuring compliance.
  • Transactions will be matched to credit card expenses, improving the accuracy of your expenses.

What You Need to Know

  • This integration is only supported for transactions made on the US site of Amazon Business.
  • The transaction information will be sent to your SAP Concur account 24 to 30 hours after the product ships from Amazon Business.
  • An expense will be automatically created for the Amazon Business transaction, along with a receipt for the transaction.
  • If Amazon Business splits your transaction into multiple shipments, you’ll receive a separate expense for each shipment.
  • Please note that this integration only works for purchases made on Amazon Business (, not for purchases made on consumer Amazon (

What You Need to Do

To ensure you receive expenses in SAP Concur for your Amazon Business expenses, please ensure the following:

  • The email address you use on Amazon Business is the same as your SAP Concur email address; and
  • You have verified your email address on SAP Concur (see below).

How to Verify Your Email Address

Follow the following steps to verify your email address in SAP Concur.  These steps ensure that you own the email address and will enable matching between your Amazon Business transactions and your SAP Concur account.

  1. Sign into SAP Concur.
  2. Click on “Profile” (found in the top right corner of your SAP Concur page).  
  3. Click on “Profile Settings".
  4. Click “Email Addresses” (found under “Your Information” on the left side of the “Profile Options” page.
  5. Find your email address and click “Verify”.
  6. You will receive an email with a verification code in your email mailbox.  Copy the verification code and insert it into the “Enter Code” box and click ok.
  7. Your email address is now verified.

Please reach out to [email protected] with ay questions.