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  • Eligible for VASCUPP - UVA 1507501
  • Please follow these instructions before selecting the vendor icon.
  • You must submit a request through iBuy+ Help Desk with the Vendor Account Access Request webform.
  • You will then receive login instructions from the iBuy+ Help Desk and the vendor.
  • You must access the vendor account with new login information (by clicking the above icon link) to complete the registration prior to placing orders.

Instructions for Returns:

Customers will need to provide the following information to complete a return request with the Supply Room:

  • Invoice number
  • Account and department number
  • Submitter’s email address
  • Order date
  • Status: either “Needs to be picked up” or “Given to the driver”
  • Item number
  • Product description
  • Unit of measure
  • Return quantity
  • Return reason

Requests can be completed online at or sent to [email protected]